Comparing a Wired and Wireless Security Camera System

827585_75890335Setting up a wireless security camera system can be very beneficial when it comes to the safety of your home. Wired security cameras can be beneficial as well. It is important to learn about both in order to understand which is right for your home security system. There are many similarities and differences between a wired and wireless security camera system. The goal of this article is to inform about these similarities and differences in order to help you make the important decision of how you want to do surveillance in your home.

Basic Facts

Let’s begin with a couple of basic facts about the two. Wired security cameras are often more expensive and require professional installation. This can be a good thing as there is no real concern about signal interference and is a lot more difficult to hack into. Wireless cameras can be a little more user-friendly and can potentially be installed by homeowners, though it still may not hurt to have professionals do the install. However, wireless cameras are a lot more easily hacked into and can suffer from signal loss.


Wired security cameras do require users to run bother power and data cables from the recording device to the video monitor. The wires are normally visible and actually in some cases can cause a tripping hazard. They also are not the prettiest thing to look at. To conceal the wires, a professional is usually called in to run the wiring through the insides of the walls, which does drive up the cost of wired cameras.

1254480_84097959The big upside to wired cameras is that they are not subject to interference. They do not rely on a signal, transmitter, and receiver to record the feed from the camera. They do not have the concern of having the signal jammed by outside devices as the information passes safely through the cables running from the camera to the monitor. The downside to wired camera systems is that they are not easily moved or repositioned once they have been installed, especially if the wires have been put through the walls by a professional. They are not very concealable either. They are normally a lot more bulky than a wireless security camera system. They are normally complicated and will actually produce lower quality audio and visual footage when they are compared to wireless capabilities.

Wireless security cameras have grown in their popularity over the years. They are normally a lot smaller than their wired counterparts. They are also easy to install as well as they move if needed. They can be positioned wherever and whenever they are needed. As long as they are within range of their receiver, they can be moved at any time. There is also nothing to conceal since there are no wires. The lower to mid-range  models of wireless camera systems are notably inexpensive, though there are more expensive models out there that may require professional assistance to set up. One of the biggest selling points for a wireless security camera system is the clarity of the audio and video that can be recorded.

There are many pros and cons to either side of choosing a wired or wireless security camera system. The most important factor is the particular needs of your home.